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Tenga Flex

Tenga Flex

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The TENGA FLEX spins, sucks and embraces with its unique spiral-ribbed casing. Remove the Stand Cap and lubricate the insertion point and inside of the Elastomer Sleeve.Cover the air hole to create an internal vacuum! Using the item with the air hole covered also provides a brand new spiraling sensation! After use, remove the Elastomer Sleeve and wash with water. Pat dry after washing. (The Elastomer Sleeve can be inverted for washing.)

  • Size (D × W × H inches): 6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89
  • Insertion Length (inches): 6.10
  • Insertion Width (inches): 2.00
  • Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included
  • Materials: Elastomer, PP

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