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Reimagining Sexual Wellness Stores

We are reimagining what "adult stores" look like and feel like! Kiss & Ride aims to provide a shopping experience that feels welcoming, educational, and community driven. What would a queer-centered sex shop look like to you?

  • Affirming and Accessible Products

    We believe that Atlanta deserves a sexual wellness store that provides gender-affirming and disability-inclusive toys and products. We are committed to the constant learning this requires.

  • Education

    Lets face it, most of us didn't get the sex education we needed. Kiss & Ride strives to be a place where people can come to access resources like books, zines, and monthly classes that support learning and exploration!

  • Community

    It's our hope that K&R expands past a store to create a sense of community. Our ideal space will allow us to showcase local Atlanta queer artist and makers. Our space will be used to also host monthly classes, events, and meet ups.

Return Policy

For health and safety reasons, all sales are final. While Kiss & Ride doesn't except returns or exchanges, we'll do everything we can to troubleshoot issues. If you have any concerns about the item you have purchased, please emails us at