Atlanta's Queer Centered and Disability Inclusive Sexual Wellness Store

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Planning Your Visit


  • Front Parking Lot: This space is very limited. We are working on marking off one spot to ensure it’s accessible. Please avoid parking in the front if you are able bodied! If you need to park in the front please do not park in front of the ramp.
  • Back Gravel Lot: There’s a back lot off of Mansfield. There are about five spaces in this lot. The parking lot is gravel with a brick walkway to
  • Street Parking: There's free street parking off of Mansfield! It’s residential but please be careful because it can be a busy street.


There are two ways to enter Kiss & Ride! You can come in using the side ramp. The ramp leads you right into K&R.

You can also come in through the front door! When using the front door, take the door to your right. When you go through that door you’ll enter into the space’s plant store, Pollen8. You can find Kiss & Ride by going through the purple curtains in the back of Pollen8.

The Shop

The shop is an intimate space. It’s in a 214 sqft room. In order to utilize the space fully, there is a table in the middle of the space that holds some storage and items on top. While the storage is needed, it’s also important for the space to be accessible to navigate. The table is on wheels and can be move when needed. If you need to compare toys and other items but cannot reach the ones you are interested in, we got you covered! There’s a small check-out desk that also serves as a space to bring items down to a lower level. You can use this space to compare and further explore items.

Everything on the shelves are testers. That means you can put your hands on items. Actually, we strongly encourage it!

Bathroom Accessibility

We are continually working to make the restroom accessible!

  • Front wall to back is just a bit over 5 feet.
  • Side wall to side wall is 6 feet.
  • The space between the edge of the toilet and the wall is just over 3 feet.
  • There’s a grab bar to the right of the toilet.

We are working on putting in a pedestal sink. This will give the restroom a bigger turning radius while also providing leg space under the sink. We'll update our accessibility information when we get the new sink in place!

  • Queer Club Social

    Queer Club Social was hosted at yes please books in May 2023. 17 local queer social groups and businesses set up in the backyard of yes please. Folks were invited to come out and meet groups they would like to get involved with. This event was free to the community. (A huge thanks to yes please for letting K&R host this event in their amazing space.)

    You can find out more about yes please here! 
  • Slippery When Wet: Queer Lube Wrestling

    We hosted Slippery When Wet: Queer Lube Wrestling with Community Market in August. Over 400 people attended this event and raised $5,000 for Kiss & Ride!

    Find out where Community Market is popping up next! 
  • Kink & Draw

    The Bakery Atlanta and Kiss & Ride has come together twice to host "Kink & Draw" This is a live figure drawing class that focuses on a variety of different kinks. The first class was focused on rope and bondage. The second Kink & Draw was more broad and explored the concept of power play/dynamics.

    You can learn more about The Bakery here!