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Squish (In Store Only)

Squish (In Store Only)

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Squish features a delightfully soft, smooshy, body-safe silicone form and a firm, textured tip for targeted external stimulation. Enjoy four vibration intensities & two patterns, or control the vibrations with the intensity of your grip while in Haptic mode. The harder you Squish it, the stronger the vibes. Squish is USB rechargeable and waterproof. Universal charging cord & toy bag included.

  • There are 2 modes to choose from: Haptic mode: offers intensities based on your squeeze pressure strength. You can also lock in the intensity of your choice in haptic mode Preset mode: provides 4 intensities and 2 patterns, for a total of 6 settings.
  • Overall: Squish is 2.85 inches tall, and 2.25 inches in diameter taken at the widest parts of the product.
  • Textured tip: 0.5 inch tall and 0.75 inches in diameter at the widest section of the tip.
  • Waterproof 


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